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Never Stop Loving You

Crazy Day + Lazy Day
Assalamualaikumm & Hi to My Readers :)

Todayy is Thursday :) I wokeup  . Andthen , I've take my bath andthen get ready for school . Went to school . As usual lah went to dewan . In there just like pffffft ! Its bored mann , until the people of Hasbro came and did their presentation . Its cool , they showed their new game called bop it . I've tried with other friends . Its fun yaww . Its really funnn . Serious , im no kidding . Its hard b'cause it need a consertration to play that game . Then , i got a deck of card from Hasbro . WAAAAAAAA! Seriously man . Its awesomee , heee . Actually we got many thing today . Hee , how lucky we are to get all this thing . Then , went home . Im very xcited and show the card and the rest of the thing we got to my mom and sister . HAHA , then get ready to go out . We went to nenek house . I miss my grandpa :) Then , after lunch at grandma's house i fell asleep . When my mom wanted to go back just then they wokemeup . Haha , my auntie laugh at me because my face looked so sober xD EVIL! Then , in the car i've fell asleep again . Im really tired babees , we've reached home . I wokeup help them to pickup the groceries andthen go upstairs continue my sleep ! Hahaha , i slept for to long until now im still sleepy . Dont know why , ^^ Nothing to share actually just this . :) 

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