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Never Stop Loving You

Its my birthdayyy :)
Happy birthday to meeee , Happy bithday to meeee ,
Hapy birthday to Scha serizawa , Happy birthday to meeee :))

H i h i , its my 15th birthdayy . Im so anxous to know what im gonna get for my birthday .
I dont want a diamond or something . Just give a simple present that can make me remember ;)
I wish i have a great birthday . I promise that i'll accept what ever u guys give me .
Seriouslyy , ive grownup . Dont care what people give i'll just take it .
You know what once upon a time i'll always judge what people give me .
But now i realise that its not that important . What important is the niat of the person ;)
I know my english is not that good . But i'll always try to be better and better .
Okay , happy birthday to meee .

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