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Hi , today is the day we all waiting for . The day PMR over . Seriously feel good . 
Okayy , our last paper just now is Mathematic 1 n 2 :) Its quite okayy not that easy n not that hard .
For me its medium . H i h i , then . KHB -..- Its hard , Im so blank . But , I tried my best . And just wait
for my results . It's one of our scary things to hadap xD Alot of my friends said their target 6A's 5'As . Me ? Secret :) H O H O . Just let Allah tentukan . Im scared to target-2 . But i want atleast I got 4 A's -amin- .

Scha balik je sekolah , mak buka pintu and mak ckp *wahh , merdeka ye .* Hihi , kelakar je . Scha pun dh overxcited smpai shuffle kat dpan mak . Heeee , then mak ckp lagi *wahhh , sukanya dia en . haaa , nah amik laptop nie now you can onlinee* Waaaaaaaaah , lagi lh best . Scha onl dari pukul  smpai sekarang :) haha ,lama x ? Lama kan ? But kejap lagi nk ofl cuz nak tgok AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL . Ngeeee , seronoknyaaa . Ta payah susah-2 baca buku smpai lewat mlm kan . kan ? Itsodamnnnfun ! It feel so relief :) hihi , i think i want a flyyyyyyy away . Can i ? -..- not really i cant fly cuz im not peterpan . H e H e . okay , i think thats all . K boii ..

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