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Never Stop Loving You

Dia Iteww Punyaa :'(
Assalamualaikum&Hi .

Wei , sampai bila Scha kene bagitau korang yang Greyson Chance nie scha punyaa ? Semua orang pun nak upload gambar Gey and ckp dia korang punyaa :'( Bila korang buat cemtuu Scha rasa cam nak nangis jee :| Haihh , sudaaaaaaah lha . Why are you keep telling people his yours ? Whyy ? Please stop , its hurting mee . Im getting crazy .

You all might say Im crazy . But , I think i am ! And facebook always asking me Whats on my mind and the answer always Greyson Chance . --' Hmmm , Scha Serizawa is Sad! Huh! 

Told by :> ,Scha

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