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Never Stop Loving You

Ding Dong Ding Dong (!)
Assalamualaikum & Hi ^____^v
Ollaa , I miss this Silly blog . Longtime no update this blog . HAHA . Actually , I have no story to update . But , itsokaayh . Today I just want to tell about what happen today and yesterday . Nothing much happen yesterday but there is a something aweshomee cute happened yesterday .

While I played with Tania , I saw something its like hame I think . I told my sister bout it . Then , she getting crazy (!) Tell me to do that do this . Hihi , funny duh . We decided to gave Tania a shower . We clean Tania . My sister was like scrubbing Tania's fur like crazy . Haha . Afterthat , we have to hairdryer Tania until she got K E R I N G (!) Can you belive this ? We have too kay babe .  It's like about one hour we drying Tania . Haha , finally she got dry and she was free to go . You know what , Tania was like so cool when we gave Tania a shower . But , when it comes to dry her up . She was like run here and there . We have to hold her very very very very tight . My sister was so mean . She used a hardcore a style . Well , its for her own good . But , she insist to go . Come her mama adik . Its mee duh . Hoho , I hold her until she fell asleep . Whatthaa ~ Haha , its felt great . I love Tania so much :)

Okay , today . I went to TheStore with my mom . No(!) Actually we went to the bank first . We reach bank about 4 something . Then , my mom go to the counter then the kakak said *Its closed at 4 . Oh , okay . She said we can go to the post office . We went to TheStore  . SHIT(!) Its so crouded . No parking . Out of the blue , my mom saw a nice parking . Hihi , we parked then we walked to TheStore . Wooo , too much white (!) Well , its school uniform . Well , its too early I think . Kay , whatever . Then , we went to the Postoffice . Ya Allah , its like soooo many people are waiting for their turn . We got our number . Hollys*** . Its 2what62 . At the screen it just only 2what15 . We wait , but we might miss our turn because our things is cllose at 5 I think --' I dont remember . So , we went home . Cook-2 . Haha , then My sister and I went out . Go survey my sister glases . My sister wanna buy glases . Hihi , cool . :) Kay thats all . Got new blog to edit :)
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