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Hey , actually nothing to post . Oh yeah , you know what night of 19/11 me and my mom just cant sleep --' So , i ask my mom how to find myself . My true self and bla blaa i asked my mom too much i think xD Poor mom .. About 6 in the morning I fell asleep :\ Haha , 2 pm I wokeup well sunday is always been such a lazy day laah . The weather always mendung-mendung one xD Soooooo , still with blanket and my bantalucuk . Lay down infront the tv watch cartooooooon ofcourse ... Than , petang-2 my mom wokeup . But , I went upstairs and errr fell asleep again :D Hahaha , what a lazy day right . i dont even take a bath until 9 pm xD That is because my sister ask to follow her out --' Duh! Thats all i think ..

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