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Never Stop Loving You

Second Post For Todaaay :)
Assalamualaikum , Anyeong strangers :)

Now , I want to stoly molly with you bout todayy . Nothing happen actually :D Wokeup about 1 in afternoon . HAHA , what kind of anak dara lah am I x) So , i wokeup and went bath and went downstairs . And Im so like startle because of the kitchen -_____- Hell no! My kitchen so damn in mess . Why haa ? You ate then just let you dish on the table . WTH ! Do you think in this house got Bibik or something ? I have to clean the kitchen . So , i washed the dishES bla bla bla . Then , when i felt soo really clean . Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter Blogger Blogger . :) Heee ,

Oh yeahh , I dreamed of Jang Geun Suk laaah dude ! He hug mee . That time Scha with my friend infront of shopping mall . Not sure which shopping mall duh . I saw him and I greet him . Like #Eh hi Jang Geun Suk :) Then , He like #Heyy , and open his arm like waiting me to hug him . WHAT THE CHANCE! Then , I go hug him very-2 tight . :) Then , Gikwang like . #huh huh! Whats this . And ran away --' Dont know why he ran . Haha , I miss Jang Geun Suk! :'\  I want to hug himm right now . Heee ,

Guess what , I've made a bread . Its delicious u know . Hihi , showoff --' Then , my mom cook ikan bakar . WOAAA , very verry verrry deliciouss babe . My mom cuisine is the best lha dol . Haha , I think all kids think their mommy cusine is the best among the best right dear ? :)

Okaay , I think thats all for todayy :)  Hey , hows my new belog ? Simple right :) Jyeah , okay . beboi ^_^
Thanks for the reading okaay . '3' Muaah , hee . Assalamualaikum .
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