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Never Stop Loving You

Wake me up when november ends xD

Sup yoo ! November have come to the end . Hey , welcome december . December is the last month of the year . Okay , this year many many interesting things happen . There is a happy momment , sad , heartbroken joyfull and more . Its a great year . Im gonna miss this year so much (!) I bet i doo :) Let me start with bismillahirohmanirohimm ..

First month (January) : Enter the school with a sober face because soo anxious to know what class am I . Then , guess what . Im in 3D . Okaay , cool . In the class seriously theres no one I know . They all like strangers to me . But , however i makeit to make friends with all the student in that class . My first friend is Syadza Umairrah and Nur Syahreen Aqilah . They're nice to mee . We gossip-2 and story about kpop lah apa lah . Haha . After few weeks . I got stuck with this guy name Muhammad Amir Hariz Bin Othman .

Second month (february) : Nothing happen , just same . Just im having some fun because Amir always acompany me when im going to school or back from school . He always acompany me . thankyou .

#skip to Fifth month (May) : I get involve with sukan thing . He always support me . Actually im not that fast when im runnig but when i heard he said (Go scha Go ) I felt like I want to try to run more than my speed . Seriously it felt like im flying . Oh my , after few weeks we brokeup I was so down . Im hoping that we can be together back . Sukan is still on . I cant run . He doesnt support me . I didnt hear his voice . Im so down (!)  He's the sweetest thing that ever happen to me in this year , until I've read the post in his blog about how things work after he left me . I was so like depressed I dont talk . Always crying I've hurt my self by punched wall . But , he's still the sweetest thing I've ever had in this year . Thanks for all the good deed from you to me .

Sixth month (June) :  We have our mid term exam . Well , im doing abit sucks (!) My mom was so mad at me . Haiyaaa , but I've tried to be much better . Okaay , im still sad because of amir . So , I thought when im dating with other guy it can make me less sad . But , the guy im with is so sucks (!) I've brokeup wwith him .

#Skip to Eighth month (August) : We had our PMR trial . Oh , thankyou Allah my results is better than midterm exam . Im so reliveee . So for the whole august and september it just normal like other day .

Tenth month (October) : Ourr big exam has come (!) We had our PMR . Its hard you know . I want straight A's but i doubtit . Heee , but itsokaayh . Now we all waiting for our results to come out . Hihi . We all so nervous i mean damn nervous (!)

I think thats all happen . Maybe i've forgotten bout something . Later when i remember I'll post it for you all okay ? :)

Oh yaah , last few months Syahreen and I have a fight . Umm , i miss her . Whatever (!) Im not child anymore . Hey  , just do what you think its true okaay (!) Byeee :)

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