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Never Stop Loving You

Thinking of something that never gonna happen.

Im so stupid . What am i thinking ? What im thinking is so not going to happen . I should've known all that . But , im still keep hoping that he will say "Hi...." And start the conversation . But , it just all of my stupis high expectation . It's an empty hope . I know its not going to happen . "Ya Allah , kenapa Engkau takdirkan kelas dia bersebelahan dengan kelas aku ? " If his class is not beside my class I will never knew who is he . And I'll not doing all this ridiculous thinking . Hmm , my sys said that maybe he's shy to say it . But , what if he doesn't feel what i felt . What should I do ? Hmm , its okay . I just got a move on and go to school and try to avoid seeing your face :') I wish i can . Hihi , okay lah . goodnight . Assalamualaikum . "Crying while typing.." HOHOHO! Why u no say hi ? Erm , bebaaai . 
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